Hello my name is Richie, I have a strong passion and love for cutting hair. I feel that it is my gift that I can impart onto people. I specialize and pride my self with the VIP hot towel shaves, AKA King of the hot towel shave. It's an art that many barbers have lost. I take my time to give your desired results. I feel that communication is most important, please feel free to express and communicate your desired cut. I will be honored and looking forward to serve you at your very own throne here at Buck and Beard.

Barbershop Thoughts: "quality over quantity", "love, passion and respect."


Getting to know Richie

What's your favorite food?

Churras I aged my options are open to new things absolutely no pork!

What's your favorite music album of all time?

I am a fan of all from jaz to classic hip hop to country but as I am an artist myself love  music that give a powerful and meaningful message Richieption- scatter dreamz..

Whats your favorite movie?

Still my favorite Finding nemo, reminding me in life that that when your worst fear comes to life it all will work out for the good, and to with life's flow and to never quit.

Whats your favorite haircut/style to do?  

King of Hot towel shaves! Any haircut, feel free to express what you want and I will do my best to reach your goal! Communication is key!

How many languages do you speak?

Two so far. 😉English and Spanish.