Mikey V.

What’s going on! I’m Mikey V, I specialize in skin fades, beard shape ups, olds school cuts, slick backs, pompadours, scumbags.

Sit in my chair and let’s get you looking right.


Getting to know Mikey V.

What's your favorite food?

TACOS!!!! Fish, Steak, Chicken, mostly any kind of tacos. Except hard tacos, I don't trust people who like hard tacos.

What's your favorite music album of all time?

Mostly everything, from House to Rockabilly.

Whats your favorite movie?

Pool hall Junkies, but mostly because of Christopher Walken he's one of my favorite actors.

Whats your favorite haircut/style to do?  

Skin fades but i enjoy doing anything new. I love learning new things.

How many languages do you speak?

Only one language, but trying to learn Spanish.