Buck and beard commenced with a vision; post Industrial with Modern Luxury.

Buck and beard commenced with a vision. Ricardo Colipi and Jose Lima got together as partners and began throwing a few Ideas around. After much deliberation we came up with a Vision in common.



The vision we had was post Industrial with Modern Luxury. Once we both were in agreement, we set out to make our vision reality. It was simple , sleek, and elegant. Ricardo who is a fine craftsman did all of the Fine Cedar and distressed wood work, while I chose all of the furnishings.

I spent months organizing all of the Logistics of running the business in both its practical and technical aspects, while he worked at bringing the wood work designs to life.

I told him I would think about it. I asked him to give me some time since, to be honest in my mind; I wasn’t prepared to open a business yet.

To back track a little we have to mention that my Friend's husband sent me a message on facebook in April  2016 ( I still have that message saved ), asking me if I would be interested in meeting him to look at a space. He stressed that they needed some help with an idea. Little did I know at the time that the idea was going to include us...


When something is meant to be, the universe has a funny way of making things happen. When we got to the space, it was a huge empty warehouse. Intrigued I asked him, "What a great space, what are you going to do with it?" he replied, "Well, we are hoping you open a barbershop here!" It struck me and sent shivers through out my body when he said this. Since this had always been my dad's and my dream to have my own business. I told him I would think about it. I asked him to give me some time since, to be honest in my mind, I wasn't prepared to open a business yet. Not only did I not have enough money saved, but I was also very scared of this huge opportunity.

Two weeks later my Dad passed away at 84 years old, he lost his battle with stomach cancer. When I went back home to the funeral, my Mom said " Call that man and tell him you have the money to open the shop, your Dad left some money". This is when I knew this was all meant to be, all I had to do is keep going and have faith.

I knew i was going to need some serious help with this, the only person that I trust and whose work I admired was Ricardo.I met Ricardo when he first moved to Fort Lauderdale. He was my client at the barbershop where I was working at the time. I remember one of the very first things he told me when we met was, “You should open your own shop.” What he said stuck with me. When I spoke with Ricardo about this opportunity he became very excited. We both knew our lives were about to change.

We opened for business, Tuesday October 4th, 2016.  Right around six months after that facebook message. On that day the floor flooded. One of the shampoo stations burst and there was water everywhere. I knew that was a good sign. Water is always a blessing in my book. We began our business with 6 barber chairs and 6 barbers. We now have thirteen chairs, 26 barbers and we keep growing. This year we  launched our hair and beard product line along with a variety of retail products. We also recently expended to the front of the building, adding a color studio as well as one amazing mani/pedi and waxing specialist. Thanks to the wonderful response from our friends and our community we keep growing and who know's where else Buck and Beard will go. We couldn’t be happier or more appreciative.

The best part is when our clients leave the shop feeling happy and looking amazing. This is what really fulfills us at Buck & Beard.